lol. Is there ANYTHING my HOA does NOT complain about?….

I do not live in a million plus Subdivision. It is decent and most of us keep everything pretty nice. But some neighbors look like their house should be on Hoarders which is their choice. i sure don’t care. But guess who gets letters? me. Of course. Let me see. lol. Um, my grass is not green enough. There should be no advertising on the WORK truck that shows our phone number. That would be great except 15 other Vehicles have it. The fence in the back can be seen from the road as can many other houses. The mailbox looks a bit uneven. Gotta love them and the list goes on. However, my neighbor who owns Lucifer or AKA crazy boy, (the Chihuahua) came over to ask about the letters and said she had complaints about him. Because he barks. yeah. he is a dog. They do that. lol. Life with an HOA. Gotta love it! Oh. And no. NOT my house! I wish!