An exhausting week of emotions. YOGA! I need you again!

lions and tigers and bears and fairies and anxiety and stress oh my! Yes, it has been one of those emotional roller coaster days. actually the whole last week. Trying to throw off others emotional pain while trying to help them but not absorb the whole thing into me. I am having to recharge today. I feel like a battery. lol. Soooo, Back to yoga which I missed all week being able to do because of all going on. Sooooo, there comes the anxiety but hey I am hanging in there. What about all of you? Maybe we can all do like 6 sessions an hour, recharge our emotional selves and thrive. anyway, just wanted to share some of my week. This is from last week until today. I hope you all did great though!

The little dog……………..

Buddy. The little dog
13 years old and still little and I love him.
He is a friend
a loyal dog who is by my side at all times when I am home
He is sweet
gets scared of everything
A ray of sunshine in my life.
He is one of the greatest pet gifts ever given to me.
He is The little dog that loves.

My sister got chickens…. I am in love. lol

I am not into chickens. Normally. I just never really had much of an interest in them. Until my sister got these three little chickens she calls silkies. OMGOSH! I fell in love with them. With my dogs, I can never have them BUT I love seeing hers. I went on a spree finding them little houses and toys and cloths. They are so adorable. Then she bought a different kind of baby chickens and now I love the chicken world! I am now a chicken little Auntie! 🙂

When I can make you smile, I know I am doing right.

My greatest joy besides my family, is when I can make people smile. Even at times when I am in the depths off about to have an anxiety moment or whatever, I just love to s=d o something that can make someone else smile. Maybe I feel it helps my heart knowing they are not sad, even if for a bit.
But I love to make other people happy. I love to bring them joy. I fail sometimes when I get treated bad by some of the same people but I am learning to not pity party and rise above it. Because as long as I can make someone smile and brighten their day, then it is worth it. It really is. Have a wonderful day!

Dumb Dog….A Cat’s Life.

I have tried to lead by example but he just does not get it. Every day he grovels and jumps and wags his tail so they pet him and talk to him and coddle him. So stupid. Be like me. I just lounge on the couch by the window and THEY come to me. I beg for nothing.
You beg for food, treats and everything else when I have tried to show you all you have to do is just be lazy. You still get fed, you still get treats and you have to do NOTHING! But no, you still do the same thing every day. Every. Single. Day. I tolerate you because I guess you just cannot help it. you are just dumb. I guess the likes of you will never learn. But I hope. Maybe one day, you will learn from my highly keen mind and relax and it all comes to us and all we have to do is be here. I am sorry dog. But you are pathetic. Sincerely, your fellow live in companion, The Cat.