I am so not into fake people but I have to laugh…. Or breakdown… sooo I choose to laugh….

The life of an Empath, or discerner, or old soul or whatever you choose to refer to yourself as is not an easy one at all. It is to me a very beautiful but hard journey because you can figure out your real friends and those will probably be on two fingers if that and you can spot fake people of which there are many. I do not mean there are no good or loyal people but in a world of plastic emotions, you just have to find them.
So often, I am feel alone because of the ability to see through the lies, deceit and the fronts people put up BUT on the up side, where as I used to be full of doom and gloom over the sadness of wanting “real” friendships, I have learned to laugh (most of the time) and I have learned many people do not even realize they are doing it. The world has taught us to be happy, friends with everyone, do not offend and just be whatever that person with you at the time wants you to be.
However, again, I do not apply this too everyone. There are so many really genuine nice people out here in this big world but I just have to search them out. Yes, I have good people around me as well. But now I just smile and laugh because I tried being honest about how I felt and I thought I was going to be kicked off the planet for verbalizing. So. I learned the best way is just smile or breakdown and I am choosing(this week anyway) to smile. 🙂