Trying some Essential Oil for my anxiety….

Well, I am trying the Frankincense oil mixed with a bit of Coconut soft oil on my stomach and Lavender by my earlobe for Anxiety. I love the other Oils I have used and they do work so well. I am hoping this will help. The recipe I made from Oils for my headache has really helped. I should have used that days ago when the headache started. So best wishes on this working and if it does I will try and let my fellow anxiety fellow peeps know! 🙂

Essential Oils…… A gift from the Gardens…

I am not a real believer or I wasn’t in all of the “all natural” things you can use to get healthy and I also hate prescribed meds unless I have to take them. But then, after much prodding from a sister, I stepped into the Essential oil world a few years ago. It has been a game changer to say the least. There are so many things I have replaced even over the counter things with. I make my own pain relieving cream for back pain and body pain. I make my own for breathing and now I am trying out oils for relaxing and to help digestive. I am not saying anything is a cure all but they work as good as what I have bought over the counter and even some prescribed meds. So, just wanted to share this with all of you! Have a great one!

Another thing for relaxing…Essential Oils… Yes. They work….

I always write about the things that help me with anxiety and I use them or do them at the times when I need them. Another benefit I have found has been essential oils. I use them quite often when I need relaxation. Many people use them from the bottle but I prefer to make a lotion of coconut oil that I melt and then add my essential oil. I melt the coconut oil and add my drops and stir. Then I freeze it back into a solid state and keep it in my bedroom. I use Lavender, Eucalyptus ( a blend of those two for calm) and there are many more than help to calm and relax. Or use them in your bath. Either way, I love them also and I find them very helpful. Have a great one everyone!:)

Fighting the cold or flu with essential oils… couldn’t hurt to try it…..

Cinnamon oil, Eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, lemon or lemongrass oil. Lavender & of course clove oil. Try them in a mix of scents you like by mixing in a bottle three parts water (small bottle) a tsp. or less of Vodka, a few drops of your favorite oils (listed above) and if you do not like the smell just try and do your best to deal with it because they kill off these viruses. You do not get the chemicals in these other room sprays and I am sick right now so I am going to make up some sprays I have not used in months. I use diffusers but not the sprays like I should. Give it a shot. It cannot hurt.