The New Normal… Blessings Amid the Chaos….

So much has changed in this new “normal”. Locked in, facetime for family and friends, mask, anxiety, Fear, sickness, tears, a longing to be with those you love, a desire to be in that church you always assumed would be open. The Yoga classes, the gym and the work place where it was always such a chore. the schools where our children met, learned and played. This new “normal” has sucked in so many ways. But there have been blessings too. Learning to appreciate what we took for granted. The freedom to see who we wanted when we wanted, the ones who loved being alone then found that having the opportunity to get out taken away made some of us want to reach out. It has made me have such an appreciation for things I just never worried about. I never knew wearing a mask could be so weird but I know how those with cancer must have felt or feel. The blessings have been seeing just how much we will now absorb and breathe in the ability to be able to be free again. So, along with the chaos cam the blessing of learning again how precious life can be.

New strains of Covid now? …… Just wow……..

I know Covid-19 is real. Too many members of my family have gotten it. Or they say it is Covid-19. Then you see the news and do not know whom to believe because almost all, if not all of them lie. But they say before was not actually Covid-19 causes many things but Doctors were getting paid to say. Whatever, something came here. NOW, we have new variant strains coming in so once again, mask, social distance, no crowds (sucks for those of us with big families.) But I have been isolating and being very careful since last May while I waiting the arrival of my daughters baby and had to quarantine if I wanted to see her. So rarely since have I gone anywhere other than occasional trips to family, twice to a Restaurant and shopping comes here. Or husband gets it for us. I wish this would go away so we could get out and enjoy life outside the home again.

The Holidays are here…. 2020 has been so tough that I put up Christmas decor inside… Need some cheer..

I usually have as most of us do, Thanksgiving with family and then I usually have our Annual Christmas party at my home where most of the family tried to gather together. However, due to everyone dealing with sickness, Covid, etc. or just the scare of Covid, I had to cancel my party this year. However, I decided to put up some Christmas anyway and early. Yes, I know. Only November but I love glitter, it helps my anxiety right now and so it makes me smile. So I posted a couple of my Holiday pics. If you hate it when people do that and I usually wait at least until after Thanksgiving (lol) then you may not want to peek. haahaha. Good day/evening fellow bloggers!

Watch out for that Covid…. Not sure what I had but I hope it is gone….

I started getting sick very fast. Then I was really sick. all with in two days is how it started. I took a rapid test for Covid-19 and it was negative. I started having trouble breathing and then coughing, runny nose, headache and sneezing. I went to the Doctor and they said, Oh, Acute Bronchitis. Well, I have had that before and I have to say that this was worse than any case I have EVER had. I think they may have given a false negative which is strange considering they say the Covid is on the rise again. However, several people I know got tested. All negative. some the Rapid testing, some the 3 to 5 day. Either way, whatever this was, it knocked me down hard. I seem to be doing better now but be careful out there. I would not wish whatever this was, on ANYONE!

I took a break from al of the election junk… or so I thought…

I only planned on taking a few days away from any social but I ended up really really sick. I got Covid tested with rapid test. I went to doc next test day when it was negative. they said Acute Bronchitis. I have had that before. This, whatever this is was way different and I am still battling it but it is not just Bronchitis. Either way, I am here, grateful to be up after so many days in bed. Still sick but up. That is a start.

2020 has been tough…. But I have learned some things from it…

I have learned…

To love more openly. To give more freely. To not let my Empath wires go crazy. That anxiety can be handled sometimes even when it is extreme. That is not easy but it can happen. To find some of my past interest and work on them. To appreciate. To hope. To try and reach out where I used to cling to aloneness. To laugh more, to fight harder. That I love my Country. To work harder on Yoga and prayer and meditation. To live.

2020…… A year to top many others…..Also a year to reflect and learn…

There is no doubt 2020 has thrown us for a loop. But it has also been a time when Our World had to stop for a while and it was a time for me to reflect on so many things. The way that i had to be at home and try to avoid Covid helped me to appreciate the times I never wanted to leave my house. It made me desire to just get out and be able t go. It showed me how to use my ability as an Empath/Discerner to cope with people. It taught me that it takes more than Yoga, prayer, and meditation to deal with anxiety because we need other humans. It has taught me to appreciate things I took for granted. It broke me in some ways but it has built me in others. have a great day/night fellow bloggers.

2020 has, thus far, been a mind bender. ……..

2020 has been the strangest year I have ever encountered I guess in my life. Viruses, hate, protest, division, monster bugs, new species of every area found, fires, tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, draining of my discernment/empath mind, emotional vampires have been rampant. people losing their minds and the list goes on. Ouch! I have never seen a year like this one before and I have to say it has been so far a Mind Bender.! Wow! But I come here for the calm. The place where I share, care, read other blogs and have my read. So, I think today will be a reading day. I need some of YOUR writings to calm my storm and share in yours. or your anime, laughter, joy and tears. Have a great day/ night!

The Empath Mind……..

In this time of seclusions, changes and upturning World, the Empath mind is in a whirpool of Emotions. Or for me. It seems that the time I AM around others now is almost on super hype. Like they are sending thoughts into my brain. If you are not an Empath you will think I am crazy but if you are you will understand. It seems to have heightened my sense of reading people and at times just people I see on the street. It is crazy but I am letting much of it go to keep my sanity. Beware! the emotional vampires are on the rise as well as the thoughts that will make you feel like you are in overload. Shout out to my fellow Empaths. We are okay but probably struggling!

What Quarantine has done to me Mentally… Safe but needed Recovering time…Just MY experience….

My case was more extreme than others but I want to share what I have experienced and what it did mentally. First, I went into quarantine because a new baby was coming and for us to see her, we had to be in quarantine. Each time 2 weeks. I have immunity issues so of course I was quarantining from others. Then my husband flew to California and so when he came back we had to quarantine for two weeks and then get tested. So, in all I had been in quarantine since late April, only going out when my dad died and to see my mom twice.

Recently, I have been slowly transitioning to getting out again. It has been a mind blower. During my time at home, I did Yoga,. meditation, Prayer, Tai Chi and writing as well as Art and Photography here at home. But, over time, I was getting writer’s block as I shared on here. I lost any desire for Art and I quit doing Photography. I just went in the same circle everyday. While I knew people who were getting it, I knew for me it was best to quarantine. MY CHOICE.

But, the transition back into Society has made me feel like a dog who wants to get back to its cage (not an actual cage). I would go out and I was so nervous, I just wanted to get back home. I was depressed if away from home. SO, While I am glad I was and I still AM being cautious, I was not prepared for this.