Why I love Fall… Because I do not get it…hahaha

I live in Ga. I moved here because things to go at a slower pace from the big cities I grew up in. But alas, I soon realized there are four seasons as in every place but Georgia goes as follows. Winter. Last anywhere from one month to three months. Depends. on. Nothing. Spring. Last for two days, 6 hours and 14 minutes. Summer. It just goes on and on and on and on. A lot of hot, muggy days and sweat that drenches your body as soon as you run form your door to your car with the air on full blast so you can breathe. Then we have Fall. Awe. My fave time of year. I have to be quick because it last overnight. One day it is 95 degrees plus and then….. The beautiful cool breeze comes and refreshes my soul. It is so cool and just so inspiring. The next morning. 14 degrees and winter is here. hahahahahaha. I wish I was kidding. Just a bit of humor for the day and no. I am not kidding about the Seasons. lol. Please do NOT miss the beautiful shades of green and brown as our fall leaves tumble to the grown. Have a great day!