Is there Racism in America? There is Racism all over the World…..

Just like everything in life, there is good and there is bad. Racism is one of them. There is also good and bad in every situation. You have some white people that are racist against African Americans, there are some African Americans racist against white people, some Indians racist against white people and vice versa. In every color, nationality or whatever you will find racism. You will also find good people and bad people. Good cops and bad cops, Some Muslims against Christians and again vice versa. racist homeowners against renters, racism exist in every form. However, it is up to us as a species to find the find the good and avoid the bad. There are just situations that no matter what you do, it is not going to change some things. Turning against each other because some people choose to be racist is just not okay with me. Uniting together as one with no color, no creed, no status involved and being as one is how we can all make change. not by all the things going on now. We cannot change History but we can make today and the future better by coming together. Just my take for the day. Have a great day/evening wherever you are.

2020 has been tough…. But I have learned some things from it…

I have learned…

To love more openly. To give more freely. To not let my Empath wires go crazy. That anxiety can be handled sometimes even when it is extreme. That is not easy but it can happen. To find some of my past interest and work on them. To appreciate. To hope. To try and reach out where I used to cling to aloneness. To laugh more, to fight harder. That I love my Country. To work harder on Yoga and prayer and meditation. To live.

Let’s go back to the “old” normal… where life was better…

I know we can’t and I know things have changed but man would it be nice. Some happy news, people united or at least doing their own thing and most not bothering others, or killing. No Virus like this to stall the World. No kids being shot over all of the hate going on. Just like things have changed so much. Who would have ever imagined this year would be like this? Can we get the OLD normal back again? If so, I would sure place an order. It sure beat this!

And now…. the Mummy Sandstorm…. 2020..

Lol. When I first read about this I honestly thought it was a joke. Nope. Just another day in 2020. And here it is! Wow. I am expecting any day for baby dinosaurs to start hatching in the Forest. hahaahaha. Or maybe Vampires to finally come out of hiding and let us know it is “their” time to shine. Well, feed. Whatever. I am starting to not be shocked by much at this point. I mean, it just keeps coming. So, I figured I might get a laugh from some of it. Oh wow. just so crazy. So I have dreamed up some things. Baby alien creature snails that attack. Turtle that might be able to convert their shells into ammo holders to shoot at us. Maybe throw in a few Zombies coming by to sell Girl scout cookies. I mean this has been one crazy year so far. Oh and above is proof Mermaids do exist. hahahah. Have a great day/night fellow bloggers wherever you are!

Lift our hands in Love…. We need each other…We need to be united by love…..

Not by color. Not by economics. Not by status. Not by anything. we need to join hands across this Nation and we need to stand tall and comfort, talk, argue, discuss, act like a family that disputes each other and then forgives because the love runs deep. Our love for Our great Nation has made us ONE family. Whether we agree or not on everything, we don’t have to. But hatred will only create more hatred. Someone once told me most anger comes from pain. Well, let us heal the pain but not with violence and hatred but with love and respect. Because the greatest thing you can ever give is love.

JUST my opinion…. Change comes when we UNITE, not when we destroy…….

I am really trying. I am. To stay away from all of this and not write about it but I have read and tried to skip over and you cannot escape. It is everywhere. So, as I said, IN my opinion, We have to UNITE as a nation and make our changes and we can do that. There is oppression in every race, status, school, job and so on. Whether it is a black life, white life whatever, We NEED to UNITE together! I do not disagree we need some changes at all. But I think that this all getting to a point where the whole focus has been lost. Riots, looting, innocent BLACK and WHITE people being killed. Small businesses destroyed that are owned by many different races. Terror for the homeless. Innocent cops who were trying to help. Just all of it has turned into a crap fest. IF we UNITED TOGETHER and came together as a Country, I DO believe changes could and would gladly be made in JUSTICE and FAIRNESS for ALL of us. Have a great day/night fellow bloggers!