Writing soothes me…..

It has been really hectic the last couple of months and I have not have time to write. I could have written something but I write from my life and my heart so it would not have been anything other than post to fill the day. Obviously today is a day to pour out my feelings as I guess is obvious from my on and on post. lol. But I am just getting out some feelings that I can now sit down and enjoy writing about. I am so glad for this page and so blessed to have a place to come when I need refuge. Writing for me is very much a heart thing. From sharing life to photos to Art, each one is a special thing for me to express. I love to read other blogs and I do that many times if I cannot write. It is just an incredible release from all of life in general. Her, I can be me and not be judged. I can laugh and enjoy other blogs as well as opinions, art and photos. I can cry with those in sorrow and enjoy those who are feeling good. This is a beautiful World right here in this Word press land. Have a great day/evening wherever you are.!

Author: artista10

Living Life. Where Life is real and where I share it.

12 thoughts on “Writing soothes me…..”

    1. Maybe we can get back on track! Thank you for reading mine. I am about to go to yours. It has been like a Tsunami on my end so writing was just a thing I could do. Have a beautiful day!

  1. I, too, have found an amazing Word Press community of writers who also like to interact with one another. Friends develop so naturally. Thanks for visiting me today. I see that I already follow you, so I will see you more.

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