I saw a Bobcat. At 2 a.m. or maybe it was a Mountain Lion. I didn’t even know we had these things in Ga…..

I forgot to give my niece her keys after I had checked on a pet at her grooming Salon and she lives an hour from me sooooo I get home at 12 and yay, there they are. so, I had to turn around and go all of the way back. Anyway, I was close to home around 2 a.m. and coming up the road I saw movement and looked over and saw this huge cat. I slowed down and since no one was behind I pulled to the side of the road. I looked and saw this huge cat just staring as it sat. I was so tired I thought maybe I was imagining it until it moved again. I was in awe but not enough to get out and try to get a pic. This thing was huge. I never even knew we had them here. It looked like the one on the left.

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11 thoughts on “I saw a Bobcat. At 2 a.m. or maybe it was a Mountain Lion. I didn’t even know we had these things in Ga…..”

      1. I have put my arms around one, and kissed it back several times with trainers either side of me. Her name Ed Toni, and she purred as she knew I wasn’t afraid of her

  1. Up on the dirt road into town one evening my husband almost hit a Mountain Lion crossing the road here in Arizona. It was huge and as soon as it got across the road it leaped up the side of the hill/cliff area like it was nothing. We were driving down a cliff area. My husband kept yelling “Bobcat, Bobcat,Bobcat” so our kids in the back could get a glimpse of it as my husband hit the breaks to avoid hitting it and that is when I turned to him and said…did you see it’s tail and the size of those paws of his, must have been a male, it was huge. The mountain lion’s huge tail had whipped around to show us all that there was a dark tip on the end of it.” That…was no Bob cat…that was a cougar ” I said when we all finally closed our mouths from the shock of seeing something so big. Off to the side of us where there was a bit of a tiny field in some Ponderosa pine trees was a whole family of cows with their calves. So cool that you got to see one in the wild, smart that you didn’t get out to get a photo, they are dangerous and have a lot of strength. Bob cats and Mountain lions are not only different in sizes by a huge amount but also have different tails.

    1. Wow! I know you must have been as shocked as me. They are huge! I never saw the tail as it was sitting and I was just in awe of the size. It was beautiful no doubt but you are right. I was not about to get out and check that thing out. I had never seen one that close and it was quite a moment. 🙂

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