The Peace and Tranquility when you let go of Toxic People…………..

I started my journey a couple of months ago by letting go of really toxic people whom, every time I was around them they were mentally abusive or just spewed anger and hate or they would just constantly berate me and then say they were kidding. Being an Empath was hard because I absorbed it. It landed me in the Hospital and I decided it was time to let go no matter who they were or how much I loved them. I had no choice. It has proven to be the hardest but best thing I could do. My stress and anxiety decreased. I could recharge myself and I have been happier. I recently had an encounter with one of them and it was eye opening! I felt immediately stressed, they started to try and use their ways of pain again but I bailed out and after a few shaky hours found peace again. Lesson learned. Sometimes you DO have to LET THEM GO. Hugs!

May have to build an Ark… lol… Again….

The rain just keeps coming and it is great for my flowers and ferns so no problem there. but it is a bit tough on trying to cut grass or walk without water that tries to suck me into the mud. my own little Quicksand puddle. Also the hydroplane opportunities are everywhere. BUT, on the upside, it does cool the temperature down and so maybe i might just build a small Ark and use that when outside. lol