Yoga day…. Fantastic and Painful… Lol…

Now that I am getting back on my feet I will get back to some Yoga. How can something so calming and relaxing be so painful? However, all joking aside, it is painful when you are doing certain poses but it makes your body so much better after and the calming effects of it are just wonderful. I have to be honest that I STILL have not become friends with downward dog and maybe I never will but it does help. So, Yoga lovers untie today! Every attempt is success and everyday of getting through some is so good for your health! Have a great day/evening where ever you are!

Author: artista10

Living Life. Where Life is real and where I share it.

2 thoughts on “Yoga day…. Fantastic and Painful… Lol…”

  1. I love yoga, but it doesn’t love me. Since I have Ehlers Danlos and already have loose, hypermobile joints, it is so hard to do yoga without hurting myself further 😦

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