Tonight I starred in my own scary movie… plus a tiny step out of the World of fear….

In the Town of Pine Mountain, Georgia, we have a place where you can go we call The Overlook. You can put a quarter(yes, still a Quarter) into this odd looking machine and look at the Valley below. You can see houses, people, trees and everything miles and miles away. I have been wanting pictures of this machine for a while. So tonight on my way home from Columbus I decided to stop. It was foggy and a mist surrounded everything. Being so late no one was there but me. I was scared at first but I stopped my car anyway and got out with my camera. I snapped several pictures but I kept hearing snapping twigs and noises but I kept taking pictures. I decided I was in my own scary movie minus the killers or ghost. I also realized as I got back into my car that I just took a small step out of the fear that often surrounds me. It was awesom

Author: artista10

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