Getting away from Toxic and spiteful people while still showing compassion…..

I was told during my energy break that someone didn’t understand anxiety, didn’t care and that people should just learn to deal with it. that there was no compassion for them. (I have anxiety) At first I almost went into a spiral and then I realized what differs me from me and them because another said I was too much because I always assume the worst (that was a call where I asked if they were okay because I hadn’t heard from them.) I realized what makes me different is i have compassion. I try to see what they may be going through but that because they are so angry or Narcissistic, they are still humans. Something put us where we are. So I can stand aside and have compassion but also stand strong when being accused of whatever it may be. My Anxiety never stopped me from keeping compassion in my heart and that part of me I love. Have a great day/evening wherever you are.

I had to take an energy mind break……. And it feels good….

I had to step back and take and take a break. Sometimes the World tries to beat us down and make us feel we are not enough but that is not true. I was there when I took a mental pause and it was good. we ARE all good enough. We are ALL our own unique person. It doesn’t have to be a life where you follow a pattern or a road other s follow. It is great for them but it may not be your travel. So, as we along our journey, I want to know that I am just great being me. 🙂