Life without fb or much of it anyway…..

I have taken a step away from fb. I have online groups so i check on those but the drama from fb, all of the restrictions, fb jail, not meeting community standards and just all of it in general has become a hassle. as well as getting drawn into it. I just seem to find more and more pain from it than pleasure. People use it to shun you or to dwell out their anger at someone or just so many dismal things. I didn’t even realize how much I was getting caught up in it until I have taken a step back starting a few weeks ago. I think I am doing so much better being away from all of it. The World needs more face to face and less online robotic communication. Just my opinion of course! Have a great day/evening where ever you are!

Author: artista10

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10 thoughts on “Life without fb or much of it anyway…..”

  1. Very good step.
    I simply still need FB to advertise classes and Messenger. I absolutely agree on all bad things. However, I think most social media are like that: quite useless and taking advantage. When FB started many years ago, it was making itself look that it’s all for contacts, friends and similar, they drew everybody in and after that began taking advantage of everybody.
    Social media are extremely time-consuming if you want to do them successfully, but nowadays, it will also cost to bring your content to viewers. Blogging is pretty much more friendly and it useful and interesting. I intend to delete a few sites, too, because I just don’t see any point in being there.

    1. It has been so much better and I agree on the blogging. It is so much more inviting and friendly. I feel freer to post here and blog and I love my WordPress friends! Thank you so much! 🙂

  2. Social media can be exhausting and has evolved to pure algorithms that control traffic and popularity all for marketing purposes. They are however useful depending on intention such as marketing but work best with proper balance. I’ve distanced myself for a while and it has it’s advantages such as more time, and to some extent, reduced social pressure

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