My Philosophy on being an Empath and what I have learned during this Virus….

As many of you know, I have issues with Anxiety and being an Empath/ Discerner on top of that can be hard. It has taken a lot of tears, breakdowns, sadness and depression during this past year to really evaluate some things. But I have also become stronger. I have learned, to a degree how to control the feeling of others hurt, wrath, pain and out right attempts to punish me for what I believe in. What I HAVE learned is that the stress brought on an Ulcer and I HAVE to let go of some things. It is a true struggle only Empaths / Discerners can understand as to why it is so hard but I am just throwing positive thoughts into my mind everyday. I am learning to stop listening or to stop reading emails, or texts or anything designed to cause me upset. It is VERY hard but I am learning and that is what matters. Have a great day/evening where ever your are fellow bloggers!

Author: artista10

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5 thoughts on “My Philosophy on being an Empath and what I have learned during this Virus….”

  1. I find that solitude is helpful – this is the only social media I take part in. I hope you feel less anxious – most people don’t realize how physically painful it can be.

    1. I have been on other social media but started cutting away from it. It wo draining but this came from family. But the stress from social media is a lot. I think I will! Of course it hurts but what a relief to know it was true. I was always told the gift I had was bad. Keep it quiet. Thank you so much!

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