Reading today and then my mind went to Anxiety… Why it should be called an emotional, not mental illness..

I have been reading your stuff, looking at photos and so on. Then it just popped in my head (happens a lot) that even though I have anxiety, why is it called a mental illness? I think it should be an emotional illness. Even though emotions come from the mind, it is still an emotional reaction from our souls I believe and our hearts. I have extreme emotion which at times causes anxiety but it is because I am too loyal, too loving and I think deeply. But my anxiety comes from my heart and soul so I call it an emotional illness not mental. Just me of course in my ranting thought s during reading. Now I am back to reading. lol. ๐Ÿ™‚

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23 thoughts on “Reading today and then my mind went to Anxiety… Why it should be called an emotional, not mental illness..”

  1. Anxiety is. not a ‘mental illness’. It is an emotional state. Caused by many possible things. As it turns out, anxiety can be treated well by some meds. Under careful doctor supervision of course. Our daughter has been taking meds for a few years now. Trauma I will not go into here. It’s helped her a lot to get on with her life.

    1. Thank you and I agree. I have been told so many times it is a “mental” illness and I have argued, NO it is not. I do take medication for it. It has helped me in some areas very much but it was confusing at first because i got it about 6 years ago now along with panic attacks. Thank you for clarifying and agreeing. I am so tired of hearing I am “mentally” ill because of Anxiety. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Send them to Hell. Panic attacks are caused by a variety of traumas and bad experiences. Medications don’t mean it’s mental. Take care.

      2. lol. That is a good way to view it! I will sure send them if I can. I had a lot of childhood and some adult trauma. I hate them.

      3. We may have but if so, I forgot. I know of the so called โ€œfacing your Demonsโ€ and I would love to hear about this please. My problem is how can I face the things i do not remember which iss a majority of childhood? Some things yes I do but so much I do not.

      4. It just trashed my reply again. I read your post, went to the link, saved it and then came back to answer. I have no idea why that is going on. It trashes certain comments to others in the middle of my writing back. Others it leaves alone. It is getting very upsetting to me why it is doing that and it isnโ€™t just yours.

      5. Where do I find them? This is getting ridiculous. And also it bothers me because I never know when it will happen so I am trying to speed through my answers before it can trash them.

      6. When you open your site and start with your home page, right hand lower corner it says get help. I’ve never used them but I’m sure somebody can help.

      7. I hope so. they said it is my Ipad not them. So I am trying my desktop because I keep none of these on my phone. odd because I use my Ipad for 90% of my stuff but hopefully that is the problem. If so, I will just have to use desktop like I am now. ๐Ÿ™‚

      8. Well, at least they paid attention. Not always easy the case with tech support. The Ipad now? it’s possible. I never use the Ipad for posting or for any kind of work or production. Only reading. And because of the tactile screen on the Ipad, it’s possible comments are trashed unvoluntarily.
        I post (and work) on my Mac. best of luck.

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