I knew that pain was from something…..

Turns out I have an Ulcer. And I have to say the pain was so bad that I could not eat much or write or even drink my fave coffee! It is from stress and anxiety. Being an Empath/Discerner at times like these can actually be physically a drain on the body and i have been trying to keep a sunny path away from toxic people but I love and I am loyal so I worry when people are hateful that I am close to or punish me by not speaking. But went to Doc today and got something to hep for today (not pain meds) and start my medicine tomorrow. I hated not being able to write but I hope now I can get back on track. Have a great day/evening. !

Author: artista10

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9 thoughts on “I knew that pain was from something…..”

  1. Oh yeah, I can totally relate to stress and anxiety manifesting themselves as physical symptoms. Weird. Maybe it’s a sign I need to learn to manage stress better. Thanks for this post!

  2. I wish you well in health and in your WP problem with comments. No, I haven’t had any trashed by WP. I do comment and forget to mark the “post comment” box. That is irritating!

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