To love as they are….does not mean changing everything…

Yes, I am on a roll today but I am angry at all of the crap going on just to please people. Like the saying goes, you cannot please all of the people all of the time. Well, no you can’t. My peeve is this. Now we have to be careful not to offend anyone over anything. I say if you don’t like it walk away from it. If you want to be straight, gay, transgender, bi sexual, whatever, that is your choice as an adult. But I do not believe it has to be changed so a woman cannot be called a woman, or a man, just that. A man. That we have to change labels from he or she or whatever new labels are being made. If people want new titles, fine. But do not deny those who choose the tiles we have known all our lives. Our Nation needs to stop now and if we want changes, fine. But also respect those who are happy being “identified” as a man or a woman. I would say I am sorry but I am not. It s why I have not been writing because I didn’t want to offend anyone but I am OFFENDED. The difference is, I am stating how I feel not trying to take anyone else’s beliefs or right from them.

WE, the People, of America, need to COME TOGETHER…..

I usually stay off the subjects I am on today but sorry I am just so flustered with our Country right now. WE are Americans. In a Country filled with freedoms and things other Countries envy and want. BUT, we got here by fighting for it. TOGETHER. No matter our race, creed, beliefs, differences, we need to stand as one or we may lose our beloved Country, as it stands, one nation, under God. (Whether you believe in him or not that is what it says) I love my fellow Country men and women. I love my Country. I HOPE we can and will ALL come together as one.