Living with teens…… fear not. They know it all…..

If you have teenagers, have no fear. They know EVERYTHING. Need to know how to parent them? Just ask. They can tell you because they have already researched all of your current mistakes and can guide you with their long life experience. Need to know what to do with something? Hey! You are in luck! They have all of the answers needed for any situation because, hey!, they have lived it. Yes, we who have teens are blessed indeed. Because they live with us, of the lower intelligent life form, they can guide us on how to survive. Life with a teen is awesome. Just ask. They will tell you. Lol.

Trying to find the me… I lost so long ago……

I did a lot of soul searching in the this Pandemic that never seems to end. I realized how much of me I had given up to provide for the joy of others. Now, I will be the first to say that I regret almost none of that part of it. It has brought joy and love and happiness and if helping took that I am great with it. I mean that I discovered another part of me that I had forgotten about. The happy, laughing, dare devilish, joking girl who loved Photography, Nature walks, Hiking, Repelling, The Beach and so much more. So, I am going to find her again and get her back out there to discover the World And life she left behind.

Getting rid of inner Demons…. In my mind…..

I have been making changes in my life and cleaning out the mental closet. WoW! There are so many demons in there and I am throwing them out as I battle them. Between being an Empath and trying to keep my mind sane while I think over everything said to me to keeping my sanity over trying to break bad habits, the Demons are just pulling out those tiny little knives. So, wish me well as I do you and Hopefully I will get it all cleaned out of this Crazy!