The New Normal… Blessings Amid the Chaos….

So much has changed in this new “normal”. Locked in, facetime for family and friends, mask, anxiety, Fear, sickness, tears, a longing to be with those you love, a desire to be in that church you always assumed would be open. The Yoga classes, the gym and the work place where it was always such a chore. the schools where our children met, learned and played. This new “normal” has sucked in so many ways. But there have been blessings too. Learning to appreciate what we took for granted. The freedom to see who we wanted when we wanted, the ones who loved being alone then found that having the opportunity to get out taken away made some of us want to reach out. It has made me have such an appreciation for things I just never worried about. I never knew wearing a mask could be so weird but I know how those with cancer must have felt or feel. The blessings have been seeing just how much we will now absorb and breathe in the ability to be able to be free again. So, along with the chaos cam the blessing of learning again how precious life can be.

Some Positive in a Negative Mind….

I am trying to replace negative thoughts and mindset with a positive one. I just an extreme over thinker and I am also an Empath/ Discerner so that can be hard but I am learning slowly to replace those negatives with a positive. So, when I worry about a person or a thing and if, for example, they are mad or upset or if I have done something, I replace it with No, there is nothing I have done and if I have, I apologize but like I used to. I do not worry now for days and every minute. I just replace with the thought that I did what i could so there. When I over worry about what could happen, I stay in the moment and realize I am fine for now. It is a very long process but at least I am giving it my best shot. i am also doing positive imaging. Try to place positive images in my mind. So, that is my place for now!

The Raining Heart……..

Hearts are raining everyday

Tears of joy, tears of pain.

We do not see it and often do not even know it.

They are filled with emotion

Joy, sorrow, empathy, love, hate, pain.

our hearts are the river to our souls

we can choose how we empty that overflow.

I am trying to let my raining heart fill the World

with love, empathy, joy and happiness

and dry out the anger, sorrow, pain and hate.

we all need raining hearts to help this World..

Dance of the Snowflake…..

Your icy touch upon our skin

Brilliant white the night begin.

Frosted echoes, icicle swords

Cold and still, echoed chords.

You dance around

So light and pure

On the ground

To stay , not sure.

So dance sweetflake, dance your dreamy flight.

For all to see in great delight.

L.s. Rockel. Copyright 2020

A Beautiful Day……

It is a day when you see smiling faces and couples and flowers and candies along with new announcements of Weddings to come and on and on. But to me, it is a beautiful Day to feel love and how it surrounds and envelops people. A day to give and receive love to anyone you want. It doesn’t have to be just a spouse or lover. More people do it now to others besides just a spouse or lover. I love the thought it should be given to anyone you consider your Valentine, even your fur baby if you choose. It might even be your pet fish or lizard. No matter whom or what show and get some heart love. 🙂

Living with teens…… fear not. They know it all…..

If you have teenagers, have no fear. They know EVERYTHING. Need to know how to parent them? Just ask. They can tell you because they have already researched all of your current mistakes and can guide you with their long life experience. Need to know what to do with something? Hey! You are in luck! They have all of the answers needed for any situation because, hey!, they have lived it. Yes, we who have teens are blessed indeed. Because they live with us, of the lower intelligent life form, they can guide us on how to survive. Life with a teen is awesome. Just ask. They will tell you. Lol.

Trying to find the me… I lost so long ago……

I did a lot of soul searching in the this Pandemic that never seems to end. I realized how much of me I had given up to provide for the joy of others. Now, I will be the first to say that I regret almost none of that part of it. It has brought joy and love and happiness and if helping took that I am great with it. I mean that I discovered another part of me that I had forgotten about. The happy, laughing, dare devilish, joking girl who loved Photography, Nature walks, Hiking, Repelling, The Beach and so much more. So, I am going to find her again and get her back out there to discover the World And life she left behind.

Getting rid of inner Demons…. In my mind…..

I have been making changes in my life and cleaning out the mental closet. WoW! There are so many demons in there and I am throwing them out as I battle them. Between being an Empath and trying to keep my mind sane while I think over everything said to me to keeping my sanity over trying to break bad habits, the Demons are just pulling out those tiny little knives. So, wish me well as I do you and Hopefully I will get it all cleaned out of this Crazy!

The four Seasons of the South … All in one… Until Summer…. Georgia at least..

In Georgia we get so many seasons rolled into one week until Summer. Each week, (unless it is Summertime when we have pretty much nothing but hot, sweltering, skin drenched days of heat, ) we get just such a variety of Weather. Like one day it is 65 to 70 and Sunny, the next day we have monsoon rain and flooding to be followed by a possible choice (not ours of course) of either really warm and breezy or not breezy, or Icelandic temps with gushing and biting wind that can give you frostbite. Of course no snow with any of that or rarely anyway. If we have rumors of snow, then yes, it is true. we get people buying all of the milk and bread up. Mix into that, during this spell of temps., you can sometimes fit in a Summer day with hot temps. Then Summer comes. Just hot, hotter and hottest. So, there is our yearly forecast for sweet Peach and pumpkin filled Ga. I might add, I do love it here. Just not the weird climate. lol.