Losing a Child…. Haunts your heart….

It is the hardest thing to deal with, in my opinion. I have learned to deal with it, because you never get “over” it. But I swim through some rough waters most of the year. Of course I think of her and her brother every day and I also love the life I have and am grateful for it. I just want them here with me to be a part of it but that cannot be. However, when those birthdays come close or the day of leaving us, it always hits hard. There is no stopping it even when I try not to focus on it. I am not saying this happens to all parents who lose a child but for me it happens. It is hard. Very hard. So hug your kids, enjoy your blessings and pray it never happens to you. Because I WAS you before it happened to ME. * never take for granted. I did.

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8 thoughts on “Losing a Child…. Haunts your heart….”

    1. It haunts you. It tears you in two ways. One with the desire to live, love, be happy and learn to get through since you never get over and yet always love and remember the child/children. The other is survivor guilt. It makes you feel bad for being here when they are not and in my case. created fear. That part gets less over time and then will hit like a bombshell again.

      1. Yes, that makes so much sense to me. It’s such a painful journey … I’m not sure it’s something you ever really recover from. There’s always this hole in your heart …

      2. Thank you so much. No, you never get over it. You just learn how to get through it because it will never go away. Juggling the two. But thank goodness for love and places like this where I can come. It is a great help!

  1. Dates always hit hard. One way I have found to deal with it is to realize that dates, our calendar are just conventions. Or chance. If the Earth turned around the sun in 500 days we would have fewer birthdays or anniversaries… I also try to think of the ones we lost often, so I don’t stick to a particular date. Easier said than done of course. Take care.

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