I still think of you everyday….I am glad you didn’t have to go through this past year though… it would have torn you up..

I always think of you my sweet Sara Nicolle. I think of your silliness, your smile, the struggles you overcame with Autism, how you managed to see everything as you grew older with the best point of view. Your optimism even when faced with such hard stuff and you never. gave. up. You were the encouragement that gave me strength so many times. Just watching you take something so hard and turning it around, even the bullies in school. But I have to say, I think this past year might have been a bit much. Even for you. You would not have done well with being stuck at home for months. No company, no going out. A lot of things. It just would have been I think the straw. So, I think of you all of the time and I wish you were here as always but I am glad you didn’t have to battle this past year. Especially now that your Bio dad has Covid and in the Hospital. you would not have even been able to see him. May sound like an oxy-moron but I get it. I love you. Always. Love, mom.

It feels like this year has been a mind bender on a Roller Coaster……..

WOW! This has been one odd and strange, mind bending year. That I know. I do not think I have ever remembered a year like this one. We have had a horror movie year. Like I wonder how many scary movies can be written from this year? I cannot think of many Romance but I guess you could pack in a few of those and some Action movies. I know for me, so far, it has been like crazy! Sad, happy, good times, bad and most of those or all of them you get in any year but this one? yeah. My mind has been on a roller coaster on this one! Seriously! I even have become friends with neighbors I never imagined would ever speak. wow! Well have a great day/night fellow bloggers!

Empaths and old homes….

I know if, like me, many empaths like old homes. The history, the feelings, the lives, the everything that comes with them. It is like walking back into time. I know for me, I have been in some that I could feel so many different things. Some good, some bad but all of them are unique and I love them. The photo shown is just one I found and not beauty at its best but the history behind it must be incredible!

lol. Is there ANYTHING my HOA does NOT complain about?….

I do not live in a million plus Subdivision. It is decent and most of us keep everything pretty nice. But some neighbors look like their house should be on Hoarders which is their choice. i sure don’t care. But guess who gets letters? me. Of course. Let me see. lol. Um, my grass is not green enough. There should be no advertising on the WORK truck that shows our phone number. That would be great except 15 other Vehicles have it. The fence in the back can be seen from the road as can many other houses. The mailbox looks a bit uneven. Gotta love them and the list goes on. However, my neighbor who owns Lucifer or AKA crazy boy, (the Chihuahua) came over to ask about the letters and said she had complaints about him. Because he barks. yeah. he is a dog. They do that. lol. Life with an HOA. Gotta love it! Oh. And no. NOT my house! I wish!

Channeling my Empath/ Discernment ability…

Only those who have it, get it. But it can drive us crazy if we try and over think what goes on with this way of Life. I am learning daily as I go how to try and calm it, forget what is so bothering me and people that emotionally drain me for their whatever. I am trying hard to help those in pain and hurt while also not letting those who try and hurt me get the best of me. So, I am learning as I go because for so long I didn’t even know what it was. Then when I did, No clue how to work it.

Today, Yoga and Tai Chi…..

I needed to get back to a clearer thinking and mindset so along with my daily Prayer and Meditation time, I started Yoga again and I also did Tai Chi today which I have missed doing very much! I love the relaxation of Tai Chi in helping me to relax my everything. It relaxes me in a different way. I use Yoga more for exercise and yes, some relaxing. I use Tai Chi for a different form and level of relaxing as well as yes, exercise. Confused yet? I hope not. They all just seem to counter balance each other.

Yoga… It can done anywhere… I choose home..

I see so many photos of yoga outside and I know many do it outside but I do it in my home. I am back at it now and I needed it. I still have that love/hate relationship with downward dog. Maybe I always will but it was so good et back to it. I hope all of you are well and doing great as we journey along. If you need a way to build strength and yet also to relax, try some yoga!