I saw your Cross last night…..

I was on my way home and it was pouring down rain. I always look for your Cross on the roadside. The day you left us. The day my life changed forever. I don’t know why I have never taken a picture. I know I have stopped there a few times. I have to be careful. It is a dangerous spot where you and your three friends were killed. Then. There it was. The reflectors lit it up and I just remembered that night again. I always remember but especially when I see the Cross. I know what everyone say’s but regardless, it doesn’t make the pain any less. Especially when I see that Cross. I wanted to stop but I couldn’t. I cried as i tried to stop so I could see on the rainy road but sometimes what we want and what we can do are not the same. I miss your smile. I miss everything about you. I love. you. Always. Love, Mom.

In Memory of Sara Nicolle