What is it like when someone is in love with you?……….

How many of us ever get that? The feeling of someone being in love with you? The feeling of loving you in everyway. It doesn’t matter what you look like or your size or your anything. They are in love with you. The woman or the man. You see the love in their face and feel it in your heart. You long for them when they are not there and you love every moment together. The good and the bad. Trials and pain but you get through it. Together. Blessed are those who have it.

In finding myself or at least a part again…. I battle my mind…

I blogged the other day about finding a part of me again and it has been beautiful. I have also dealt with my mind. Is it the Empath in me or the anxiety telling me this is not okay? That this is not normal for my brain to feel happy. It is so hard but I know for those who live these things, it is very real. I still feel guilt if true happiness tries to climb in since my daughter didn’t get that. Then I feel That surge of the happiness trying to stay and so we battle.