Now the wordpress admin will not let me convert to classic again… Frustrated.

I am so over this. I would really like the classic back. Yes, i can use the new but I like the classic better. Just my rant for the day. Or second rant or whatever.


Author: artista10

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19 thoughts on “Now the wordpress admin will not let me convert to classic again… Frustrated.”

  1. If you use the classic bock in the new editor, it’s pretty much the same as the old classic😀 When you see the plus symbol appear, just enter classic in the search move, and it will appear😊

      1. Do you have a contact page or email adress? I’ve made a simple tutorial with screenshots for the new blog editor, but I also have a way to acces the classic editor. I helped out another blogger friend of mine with that this weekend, who was about to quit because of the new editor. Luckily he didn’t😊

      2. No problem😊 I will sent both of the emails I sent to him to you right now. The first is a simple tutorial I made for the use of the new editor, the second is how to access the old classic editor. Hope it will help 😀

      3. Understandable, but as I just replied to you in another email, it should be there as it’s a standard layout for everyone. I hope you will be able to access it 😊

      4. thank you. I would think so but it is absent so i focused on the second. I am already usually just signed in so I signed in again in case it was missing. I am going to try that again also.

  2. I had the same issue this morning. For a while it wouldn’t let me save anything. Then what I did was I saved it as a draft, then went to WP_Admin and reopened it where I saw the option to use Classical Editor.

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