Sad that I have to pay WordPress to go back to Classic…

I wanted to go back to classic because it is easier for me and honestly i am used to it. But to do that, I have to upgrade and that is 25.00 a month but they take the 300.00 out at once. i just love this blog site and I think it is sad that we only have the choice of paying or not getting classic. Very disappointed in WordPress. I wish we could just have a choice. period.

Author: artista10

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11 thoughts on “Sad that I have to pay WordPress to go back to Classic…”

  1. I seriously do NOT like the format – at all. But I refuse to give WP any money. It took me a few weeks just to figure a few things out and I still don’t do a lot of the bells and whistles but it’s getting easier. Hang in there. Just post and doing worry about all of the extras until you get the hang of it. We got a new Facebook format, too, and I dislike it so much I won’t post there. My blog just sends updates of my posts here. All new things are not better or good. 😦

  2. Hi artista10, I too wanted to keep using the method I was used to for posting – not because I couldn’t be bothered to learn something new but because it meets my posting needs – simple, intuitive and straightforward. Also, I have no desire to develop the skills of an international publishing editor. I contacted WordPress about this and was told how to keep using ‘Classic’: go My Site> All posts> New post. Voila! If you have any problems with this, contact WordPress. They’ll go over it for you. Best wishes

    1. A fellow blogger showed me how to use the old. It took a minute but it works! Go to my site area. Then WP admin, then post then on the side add new! All of our former things come up including tags but you have to scroll down to find them. My Site> WP Admin> Posts> Add New

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