Who needs Jurassic World? My sister has Jurassic Rooster Land… Like a Velociraptor but meaner..lol….

A couple of years ago, my sister decided she wanted to raise some chickens. so she bought some baby chickens, then some more and long story short she ended up with a lot of roosters and chickens. They have a beautiful lot and houses and anything a chicken would desire but they fly over the fence into her yard to walk around. I have been around them since they were babies. Well…… to the present. I was there the other day and I walked to the side of the yard. I was on the phone and looked up to see one of her Roosters. He is huge but so beautiful. He is also Rattlesnake quick. One minute I am gazing at his beauty and the next, I feel pain whip across my legs. That bird attacked me so fast i didn’t even realize what happened until I looked down. He speared one leg with his spur and the other with his spur and his feet! Bam! Blood everywhere on my legs. So, I now know if you need to see a Jurassic animal, get a huge rooster. A Velociraptor with wings. Needless to say, I will not go out to see her birds anymore. lol.

Author: artista10

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5 thoughts on “Who needs Jurassic World? My sister has Jurassic Rooster Land… Like a Velociraptor but meaner..lol….”

  1. We used to have chickens. The first rooster we had, Frank, just showed up in the coop one day and ever left. Not only did I have to teach my daughter and niece about chicken sex, I also had to deal with the m-f-er! Eventually he started attacking all of us no matter where we were in the yard. I was not home but apparently my late husband shot him with an arrow. Well, my husband laughed until he cried because that thing ran around the yard with an arrow sticking out of its ass. Needless to say he had to shoot it because it wasn’t dying. Second time we had a new Frank and Popo. They were both hand raised by me since chickhood. Frank was nasty. He would fight with Popo and attack us. One day he ended up dead in the coop. I think the hens all conspired, sick of his shit, and killed him. Well, Popo was a white silkie. He was so nice….until he wasn’t. He was gone one day along with most of my hens, so much for protector! Anyhow, I only had a few hens left and I gave them away after my husband died. I do miss the hens.

    1. yes the hens are sweet and the other Roosters are fine. I never even knew Roosters were like that though. this one was raised by her from a baby but it is a huge bird. He just started attacking I guess but man! He is MEAN and FAST! I was so shocked! the hens are sweet. I was in her yard like I said. I wasn’t even in the stupid coop!

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