Well It has been a beautiful day…. Until the 65 pound black Shepherd escaped…lol..

OMGOSH! I went outside and I see the black flash of my husband’s Shepherd running. Oh great. This dog, Raven,  is beautiful, smart, a Master Escape Artist from a large Privacy fence. She turns on the outside faucet even though she gets fresh iced water and she has a pool and she has every toy known to man. She destroys them. So, anyway, I finally wrangle her (he, the hubby, is gone of course) into letting me get the leash on her but then she wrangles out of the collar. I finally get THAT back on and I am trying to pull a huge dog in so I can get her into the back. Needless to say. she had torn another portion of the fence out. And to say the least, my back hurts, I tore the tips off of two of my fingernails and she is fine now. I am ready to fall into bed. She is a true, smart escape artist who is like the Velociraptor in Jurassic Park. lol

Hello everybody…… May we all have a beautiful day…….

I hope today, whether it was your day earlier or your day now had or have a beautiful day. I hope today is filled with joy, love, beautiful things and just happiness. We all need some of that right now in this chaotic strange Virus world. I have been going out of quarantine slowly and I feel somewhat out of place. Some are wearing mask, some are not, I am trying to be careful and social distance but I have also missed human interaction. we were designed to be around other people and not just facetime or whatever. But either way, I hope for all of us, it is just simply a beautiful day!