We ALL matter…….. To me…..

I believe ALL lives matter because it is not about a race or a heritage. It is about living, breathing humans. It is about mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. It is about the drug addict, the alcoholic, those suffering form mental issues, those who are fine. Doctors, Teachers, Nurses, Store employees, Servers. the point is, to me, it is about us ALL! Because we all belong to someone’s love. And if there is someone no one cares about, then if we see that we should show love. Because to me. ALL . LIVES. MATTER.

Author: artista10

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4 thoughts on “We ALL matter…….. To me…..”

  1. I agree, but when my husband stated the same thing on line, he got a blast from others. For some reason, thinking that all lives matter, is diminishing the problems of minorities, but I don’t see it that way.

    1. I was blasted online as well and I was told I was a racist. I am not. By any means. But to me, I have some things I stand strong on and saying that I cannot say all lives matter because it oppresses BLM is not I agree to nor will I back down from. The bottom line to me is we all matter and it does not have any impact on BLM because we, as a Society, are becoming too sensitive and as a free Country, when we take away the right for someone to state their opinion, we are on our way to a Society that does not allow for Unity, for helping others and for wanting to be as one in our Nation. I am sorry your husband got blasted. Tell him I did too (on the other Social Media) and thought I might here but I decided if I did, then so be it. 🙂

      1. I know. It is sad and makes me upset. It is okay to express that all lives matter because that includes, as I said, ALL. It is just crazy. 😦

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