We ALL matter…….. To me…..

I believe ALL lives matter because it is not about a race or a heritage. It is about living, breathing humans. It is about mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. It is about the drug addict, the alcoholic, those suffering form mental issues, those who are fine. Doctors, Teachers, Nurses, Store employees, Servers. the point is, to me, it is about us ALL! Because we all belong to someone’s love. And if there is someone no one cares about, then if we see that we should show love. Because to me. ALL . LIVES. MATTER.

Whew…. Trying to keep it Together.. One step at a time…

Everything seems so chaotic right now. Trying to live in the ‘new’ normal, trying to keep up with everything going on. Families struggling, riots, Viruses, social distancing, news that is negative everyday. I need some happy joy. It would be nice to read the news and see uplifting things in this dismal time. Of course here I am talking about all of the negativity. But it can just be hard. Sometimes, it can just be hard. I will aim for a more positive post later. Just wanted a whew moment. 🙂 Copyright of peach & bubble photo- 2017