Rest in sweet peace…. My Sweet Buddy…. My heart is just overwhelmed…

I never imagined when I wrote yesterday about my dog that today he would have to leave us… I did stay up with him all night as seizure after seizure hit and the Vet was closed. I still hoped when he fell asleep at 5 a.m. he was going to be okay. Then this morning he had another seizure. His breathing got worse so we called the Vet and took him there. Our only solution was to put him to sleep. I am devastated. I held him in my arms as my sweet Vet talked us through it. My sweet Buddy peacefully slept for good as he rested his head onto my arm. I was beyond hysterical as the tears fell and are still falling. I came home and I realized my almost 15 year old friend would never greet me again. I miss him so very, very, much. I love you Sweet Buddy. I never thought yesterday would be your last day with me.

Author: artista10

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13 thoughts on “Rest in sweet peace…. My Sweet Buddy…. My heart is just overwhelmed…”

    1. Yes it is. Thank you so much. It is just so empty without him here. He was the best! Never had a problem with him and people always ask if I ever got rid of him could they have him. Just a sweet hearted boy. Thanks again so much! 😦

    1. yes they are. I did NOT expect it. I know I had written the day before but I never imagined it would be so fast. Thank you so much for the hug. Much needed. I will take it for sure! Hearts & hugs!

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