I am still in a writing slump sometimes…. But still writing…

There are just some days I just do not want to write because I do not like to blog just blah post. Sometimes I want to post just a picture and other days art. Then sometimes I get an inspiration and I get on a roll and just write and write and write. But I would rather write when inspired as opposed to just trying to find something to write. So I hope that the pictures and the art bring some smiles. I also stopped writing when I felt down or at least tried not to but that is part of my life so I am going to continue that on those days. we all have our ups and downs but I hope I help more than I bring people down. But my blog is about where life is real. 🙂 and it gets real here. lol.

A Garden of Thoughts….

Just thinking of all that is in our World today. I find my mind overloaded….

Happy yet sad….

confused but trying to make sense…..

Loving everything I have and yet crying for those without anything….

Looking for solutions to problems I cannot solve….

Trying to smile in a World full of pain….

A garden of thoughts in my mind….

Planting the good seeds while trying to pull up the weedy growth…