Looking for some cheer to give… I am blessed even with bad day…I am going to post some happy pics….

It has been one of those days but I want to spread some love and say that regardless, I am thankful for my many blessings. I am thankful for love, laughter, joy, the ability to do things, all of you here, my photography, to be able to paint and enjoy the sun. Even if it is 90 degrees. So, let me go find a happy picture to post.

I am just so tired of fake friends and people……..

I do not get it. I just do not. I try really hard to be a good person but then I seem to get totally screwed over and again. I understand people do not like to be anything but happy but life is real. I lost so many friends when I lost my daughter because it was “real”. I have lost friends because they ask for honesty so I was honest and they turn on me. I get so anxious because it seems you cannot win for losing. I know this is a negative post. I usually try to stay upbeat but I am a human. I do have bad days. sorry. this was just one of those bad days.

I have had a big response to my loss of my children….Please come and join my new group..

For a long time I had a group for those who lost a child, sibling or parent. It kind of went by the wayside. But so many parents here seem to need a place to come. To be loved. Understood and just to be. Please join me on fb on a PRIVATE group called Families in grief and love.  go to face book and type in, families in grief and love.  you will see,

See all groups for ‘families in grief and love’
See All Tap see all and look for the faded rose in the sky.

Please come and be loved if you need it.