The life we live as Empaths/ Discerners…. Joy and loneliness…

Sometimes I cry because this life can be so lonely and then others I am overwhelmed with joy at those times when I can be happy. It is so hard not to have friends. It is so hard to know you are not accepted like other people because you are just so blunt and so different. But then joy comes with the few who love you. Usually the younger ones or the ones who know your pain. I am in one of those modes today. Just crying because I feel so damn alone. But I come here at those times where I am accepted just as I am. I come here on the joy days to share some of the things I find funny. I come here just to feel accepted by others who have never even physically given me a hug. Sorry. Just a down day. lol. But I have the good days too and for that I am blessed.

Author: artista10

Living Life. Where Life is real and where I share it.

7 thoughts on “The life we live as Empaths/ Discerners…. Joy and loneliness…”

  1. I went through something similar when I lived on post. It was a very lonely time but I can look back now and see that God was there and He was pouring into my life. He was filling me up so I had something beautiful to give – He would give through me. He filled me so that I could always know that when filled with His Holy Spirit… I could ride better out the times when humans seemed nowhere to be found.
    We are created to have each other in this world and that is something this whole COVID thing is making a bit more difficult BUT it will be over one day. In the meanwhile, I pray you find ways to connect with others in a meaningful and powerful way. ❤

    1. thank you so much! It is very hard. I do. I connect on here and I call you at times even if we cannot get together right now. But, I am praying it will ease up and get better. speaking of which, have not talked for a while. I would do a heart back but my computer does not allot for that on WP.

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