I am just sad at the America we have right now……….

Black vs. white. white vs. white. people vs. cops. We are all being divided. I cannot grasp this. There are injustices in all areas of life. I hate the killing of ANY innocent person, whether it be a black, white, any of heritage, officer, bystander, or babies. I am appalled at how so many innocent people have been during riots and looting. Have a riot if you want to vent but do it by yelling if you need to get it out. But to desecrate statues, graves of soldiers who fought for ALL of us, steal because it what? accomplishes nothing except you stole what belongs to someone else. No solution there. What we need is UNITY UNITY UNITY as ALL people as one. We can change things but how is killing an innocent person or a good cop filling up the need for change? I just do not understand why we cannot form a bond of love for our fellow man and come together to make change. For ALL of us. I hope we can before our lives all fall apart.