I was so caught up dealing with my own issues… I overlooked others needing help…..

I have to say that I am a bit upset with myself. I deal with this damn anxiety so much that I got caught up with trying to keep people mentally at a distance so I didn’t have to discern their feelings. But then after a conversation with someone, I realized that this disorder had taken over my ability to do anything other than think of me and me and me. Anxiety and being an Empath can do that. However, when this person was telling me how they were dealing with something, I just felt this over whelming hurt and pain and how lonely they must have felt so many times and maybe even feeling they could not share because others might not understand. I want to remember from that and take from that to not get so wrapped up in my own issues that I become self-absorbed. Maybe I will help this anxiety by reaching out to try and be there for others who suffer their own issues. So, I have to say sorry to those who may have needed a moment when I was just in my own little world. If you need me, L.W. I am here! Have a great day fellow bloggers!

Anxiety VS. Depression…….

I had a real eye opener after speaking with someone with depression. I always just assumed and never looked into the difference because I figured it was the same thing. It is not. at. all. This is a person who is always trying to uplift others, smiling, bringing cheer wherever she is and yet, I found out that inside of her, a sense of gloom lives. Now I am wording this according to what I think she meant because I cannot give word for word what she said but I took from it that she was saying, that although she would never commit suicide, it is just a feeling of why? You know why go on? That she is many times overwhelmed with the things in life that just it seems no matter what she does, it is always that gloom hanging around. Again, my words discerned from what she said. Not her exact words. But it is like I guess a sense of doom or why does it matter? And yet she, on the outside would appear to be one of the happiest, most optimistic, friendly people you could ever meet while inside this battle of sadness. I just never knew. For that I now have a better glimpse of why we miss some of those with Depression when they are right in front of us. IF you suffer from it, please feel free to contact me. I will do my best to get you through that moment. That part IS similar to Anxiety. Just get through that moment.