Prayer, Yoga, Meditation, ! Come to the Rescue! ……………………………..

Okay everybody! I am slogging through, lol. I am Praying, doing Yoga, some Meditation and everything I can to keep the monsters at bay so it needs to kick in. Wow! What a week! But I am trying and that is all we can do is our best. The Anxiety has been over the top, people (only a few) over the top so I am just trying to box it all in a corner of my mind but I seal it and the tape keeps popping off. I need some something to kick in here. Well, I allowed myself a smile for a moment in the Chaos because, here, with all of you, I find some relief. People who are real like me. Life is not a fairy tale but it sure is full of adventure and challenges and mine this past week have been a few things. The news and depressing things on it also burden my heart but I am putting on my Armor best I can! 🙂 have a great day/night fellow bloggers!

Yeah. Life is real over here and being an Empath can be difficult when Anxiety is its best friend…….

I have realized that my anxiety is best buddies with my Empath/ Discernment ability. Sooooo, on top of the anxiety I have a few people who are playing in my mind and yes, it is getting to me. I know, I need to blank them out but right now I cannot and it is an emotional drain on my stressed brain. So I am just trying to use ANY form of ANYTHING to divert my mind from them. This gift is a blessing and in some ways, a hard blessing. So today to all my fellow struggling Empaths, if you are having my kind of day or week, you are NOT alone. OMGOSH. 🙂 Have a great day/evening fellow bloggers!

I am dealing with anxiety….. And had a Panic attack yesterday…. Frustrated….

I am trying hard to battle this and I have not had a panic attack, an actual panic attack in two years. So much is going on that I Am not sure if it was the stress of worrying, quarantine for so long, or just life in general but it went away after ice compression and breathing. Almost had another this morning. For those of us who live it, it is so hard to do so good and then, BOOM, out of nowhere it comes. It is just mind over all of it and I know that but on top of it I am dealing with people who just do not care and it is just hard. I have some family support (so blessed) but like the loss of a child, you have to live it to understand it and they are trying hard. Hugs and/ or prayers to all of us who have it. Have a great day/evening fellow bloggers!