I was going for a walk to release some Anxiety….. Here comes Lucifer… Lol.

As I had mentioned in the blog I just posted I had been away a couple of days so I wanted to go for a walk and get some calm in. Just to be clear, I use my WordPress on a desktop, not my phone so I write when I am here. 🙂 Anyway, I went and was about a half of a block when I spot him. Lucifer. The Chihuahua from Hades. He spots me. His owner smiles. I smile. Lucifer and I make eye contact and it is on. hahahaha. He is straining on his leash trying to get at me. I guess he has missed me and the squirrels must have been boring or the birds or the trees or whatever. All of it is a reason for him to attack. But, this time his owner was able to contain him on a new leash as he spiraled to me in a full run, teeth bared and all. Thank you for the welcome home. hahahahah. Needless to say. I will just stick to Yoga and such today. 🙂

I just got home…. Daughter had the new Baby……..

I kept the other kids (two by love of marriage teens) and the youngest. It was really beautiful when they got to see their baby sister come home and I so loved the experience of being there (last time she was in Guam). This time due to Covid I could not go to the Hospital but we all waited and they came home day two.
Gone were the rules with the first. lol. They were so laid back and it was a great time but I am glad to be home. To rest myself a bit and do some of my Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation and Prayer is daily so that was a given. In such trying times, the birth of a new baby gives hope. A new Chapter in our lives!Happy day/night to my fellow bloggers!