And Empath/ Discerner Life…………

Anyone who has this ability knows it can be lonely. I scare my own family sometimes much less try to make friendships but it is a gift that I have learned and I am still learning to control in certain ways. Friends are few or none because they know that I am honest in my perspective and it doesn’t take long for them to realize that I do know, feel and sense their inner shell as opposed to their outer so alas, they kind of fall of the friendship wall. But, I also learned there are times that in our lives, I have to shut up and leave it alone. It just is not worth it. So I avoid the Emotional Vampires the best I can but I also try to help as much as I can until I have to recharge. My thoughts on that for the day. Have a great night/day fellow bloggers!

Learning to live with Anxiety….. And doing it to train my mind to where it was….

I won’t lie. It is a battle like the battle I fought when I lost children. But I KNOW that before this started five or so years ago I had ALWAYS had a strong mind, I was very into Physical fitness and I was never faced with this ugly demon even though life had been beautiful but tough. But I know if I keep hanging on, I can do it although I almost wrote the other day to blog about the frustration when hit with another blow but I wanted to keep trying to maintain my mental strength. So I continue on and I will win the battle but the road might just be very rocky and scary. Have a great day/night fellow bloggers!