Taking my mind back………..Getting Stronger……

I am slowly training my brain to try and take my mind back. By that, I mean trying to overpower the Anxiety and Panic I get and put my brain where it was 5 years ago before I got this condition that I am understanding more and more each day. So, I am believing and I am working hard on telling myself that fear does not have to rule me. Fear does not have to run my life. I was of a strong mind before and I can be again! I will not lie, it IS a battle but I think , no, I know that if I can learn to take control of my brain back, I can overcome this. Have a wonderful day/night where ever you are.

Author: artista10

Living Life.

16 thoughts on “Taking my mind back………..Getting Stronger……”

  1. Forgot to mention how much I love this picture. But then – I love any type of archway. I did not push like on your 2 posts, because there are so many glitches in my blog – that I have not been able to fix. It will not let me like anyone’s posts except through the reader and it won’t let me like double posts in reader. I will master these problems someday. The world seems to be full of glitches – doesn’t it? I never give up – I can do this eventually. Ha Ha Love discovering your blog – feel I have already found a new friend.

    1. I do too! I hope we can connect! I do have a lot of friends, by choice I guess but people have a hard time learning about me because I am just different but that is why I write on here. I am accepted. lol. Thank you on the Arch pic. I didn’t take that although I am a Photographer. But I liked it and use ones I do not take with permission. 🙂

      1. Yes, it is easier to be accepted when blogging. I just enjoy interacting with people all over the world. I have friends in England and Australia. I love taking photos, but at times I use other’s pictures. You are not different – you are unique. That is what each of us is – unique. We are all equal and all important in this world.

      2. that is so kind! I love it too! I have so many friends from other Countries and I love that! And family in Italy. Photography, writing and Art are my Passions. I usually use my own photos but the Arch way was one that I needed. I always use with permission of course but I would love to find my archway Pics I took but there are so many!

      3. My passions are: Photography, writing, and art. Love to draw and paint. Have written several books, but only have one published. Love writing poetry. Photographing nature is exciting.

      4. Oh Wow! Me to a TEE and I have published two on kindle but one was Poetry and thoughts and one Zombie book, but pulled them both to edit. Then I had one book from a Publisher about my daughter who passed but it was a scam publisher. But I am re-editing the other two and putting them back out.

      5. Have one book on Kindle. About my 3 years as a caregiver to my brother with dementia. Sad time for me. Glad to hear you are putting you books back on – let me know when it is done and the titles and I will order a copy of each.

      6. Okay! What is the name of your book and I will buy from kindle. I will but I have had so much going on, it has been sad and crazy and I just cannot seem to get to them. 🙂 😦

    1. Yes it is! I keep telling myself that over and over. It is so nice though to know there are others like me and thank you! We WILL! A hug back to you!

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