We are beautiful………We can be beautiful for each other…..

I am seeing it on t.v. I see it on the media. Acts of kindness are coming back. Not as much noticed as the violence but I seek them out. I see where this Pandemic has changed the thinking of many of us and while, yes, there also bad things happening, we can be there for each other. We do not have to personally know every person but we can share our love in whatever way we can and share and uplift those who need it and just really let the beautiful in us come out. We can be brave for those who feel weak and strong for those who are in fear. Someone did this for me recently via social media. Thank you! Let our beautiful spread to someone else or many someone else’s to help make their heart feel beautiful too!

Taking my mind back………..Getting Stronger……

I am slowly training my brain to try and take my mind back. By that, I mean trying to overpower the Anxiety and Panic I get and put my brain where it was 5 years ago before I got this condition that I am understanding more and more each day. So, I am believing and I am working hard on telling myself that fear does not have to rule me. Fear does not have to run my life. I was of a strong mind before and I can be again! I will not lie, it IS a battle but I think , no, I know that if I can learn to take control of my brain back, I can overcome this. Have a wonderful day/night where ever you are.