A little Yoga, Some essential oils and a LOT of Prayer…… For the Anxiety & Panic………

I combat anxiety with Yoga, a variety of essential oils and a lot of prayer. Yes, I can combine all three and it is fine. lol. Yoga helps me to relax and tone. Essential oils help with a variety of things and Prayer because I believe. I love the balance and although I still have Anxiety, I know it is my own mind that deceives and tricks me into thinking the thoughts I have. I guess if I had experienced it since Childhood maybe I could do better but it only started about 5 years ago? From full blown Panic attacks to Anxiety with occasional panic attacks. So, I just do my thing and try to work through it. I love life but I hate Anxiety and Panic but it is a part of what I battle now so I use my Armor. Hugs and have a great day/night fellow bloggers/writers! I added one of my very own photos to share for a bit of happiness it brings to me and hopefully to you!

When or if Life becomes normal again……

I will appreciate the ability to go where I want
I will be happy to go see family and not complain about how long it takes.
I will be thankful for the time it gave me to write on here and share life with all of you. Of course, I still intend to but it gave me extra time in the day to do it.
I will be thankful for the good things that have come from it…
Fresher air, less cell phone time when we can or do get together, playing board games, just going to restaurants to eat and just things I took for granted.
I will appreciate the wonder of Nature outside of my door.
Taking photos wherever I want again.
I appreciate so much that I had forgotten to see and take the time to notice.