A beautiful day outside and I have started walking… My usual Yoga and prayer and meditation now followed by Tai Chi again!…….

Well, I have started walking more and picked up my Tai Chi again to go with my Yoga. I am doing as much as I can to stave off anxiety during these times and achieve a calm state of mind. It works and I am happy with that but as you may have seen from some of my writing, I have my down days as well. But I am hoping that by increasing to as many positives as I can, I will able to withstand the grief of loss recently and past, this Virus thing from getting to me and to have good days! Hugs! hearts.

Wow! We think we have ANOTHER baby Parakeet maybe more….

As some of you know we were shocked last year to discover our parakeets had two babies and I followed with pics. Well, this morning, we heard that familiar little tweet tweet AGAIN! I am so shocked! I figured those two were an oddity and it would never happen again since many on here had said that was unusual. The other two of course are grown now, still living here and so this is exciting and I wanted to share! have a good day/night to all! This picture is from the first two. I have not opened the box yet because they sound tiny.