Well the house is spotless, the garden has been planted, the cars have been washed and etc. etc. and I now starting on all of the neighbors….. And Lucifer aka TLT is still chasing me but I have lost enough weight I can out run him! Take that tiny little terror! hahahahahaha……..

There is probably nothing is my house that has not been cleaned, Clorox wiped, (except me) re-arranged, decluttered, planted, washed or otherwise been done. So now I think I will go to my neighbors and offer to do any outside weeding, cleaning you know, whatever. But I can’t really because they have been as busy as me. On the up of the uppest side, with Yoga, work, exercise, Prayer, meditation, Yai Chi, watching what I eat I can NOW outrung the neighborhood Chihuahua, Lucifer. You knw, the one who terrorizes us and chases anything that moves including tiny pebbles blown by the wind. Even the leaves try to fall away from his direction. NOW though I can outrun the little 3 to 4 pound beast when he breaks off of his leash as he often does. Things may not be normal right now but I am having a good time with that little dog. He is quite ill with me right now actually. hahahahahaha. Hugs to all!

Walking through.. Day by Day…….

I am learning so much being at home and learning how to try and cope with all of this. I am learning how much I love Prayer, Yoga, meditation, quiet time. I am learning to enjoy the beauty of Nature again. I am learning to take a moment to just be still and feel the sun on my face. To be able to enjoy the things I had taken for granted. I am picking up my camera more, painting again and I am writing. I am trying to quell anxiety but yet take from all of this that I do not have to worry constantly or over think every single little thing. I am best of all learning to live again.

It is okay to cry…laugh…be scared… and still enjoy the day…..what I am learning..

I don’t know about any of you but I have caught all of these emotions. Sometimes all in a week or less. I do get scared, I have anxiety. so yeah. And I have times I cry because I am sad over losing some that I love so much. I laugh and at the same time I get nervous about all that is going on but I am learning to “seize” the day. I can be okay and still have moments of anxiety or fear. I can laugh and enjoy the beauty of the things I am blessed with. I can have, in essence, humanity and feelings because I am human. even if they are a bunched up bag of them. 🙂

Trying really hard to be happy, blessed and feel good but man, this Anxiety is tough…..

As I said in my last post, enjoying good weather, beautiful nights and counting my blessings. But this Anxiety kicks in and I swear it has my head swimming. It is such a battle sometimes and I just do not know why I cannot knock it some days. It is just like trying to keep me down when I am trying even harder to stay lifted up. I hope it is easier for all of you. Hugs!

Yesterday was a wonderful breezy day, followed by a beautiful starry night…..

I just took it all in. I enjoyed the wonderful weather during the day even though Pollen was tough and then I gazed up at the most beautiful sky that was filled with stars and I thought of all of my blessings. I hope you all are safe and getting some beauty from the stress of the situation!