Today I am trying to finish the flower garden……. Curious how all of you are handling this and what are you doing?….

So today I finished up what planting we could for our flower garden. I save my seeds each year from my marigolds and Zinnias and any I can save. I am debating on planting some veggies if I can. I am writing, painting, cleaning and what ever I can do for the anxiety. Yoga, prayers, meditation, etc. So, what are all of you doing? I would love to hear from you!

I write a lot… Today I am reading many of yours…..

I go through many, read and like but I can never seem to get to them all. So today I am strolling through bloggers/writers who follow me and returning the favor. I may only be able to read one of each but I hope to get to them all. That would be great. doubtful but great. I appreciate all of you who read mine and I try to do the same as my thank you. We have a wonderful place here! 🙂

Empath Life in a chaotic time….

This is hard. Trying to not overthink, trying to avoid the toxic feelings and the pushing of others to come when you cannot. It is hard to hear the aggression of those angry because you feel it so strong. Drained mentally while trying to maintain a healthy mental strength. Looking to seek out those who want to be giving and caring in these times. I am struggling but still doing my best to keep my own mental health from breaking while trying to help others who are in panic. With anxiety myself that can be hard. But I am trying. Yoga, prayer, meditation and just trying to do the best I can. Hugs to my fellow writers and bloggers.

A Poem during this time to try and lighten the day……..

We are stuck here at home and phones had become boring,
We have napped, texted, and talked. Sometimes I start roaring.
But then we decided to clean up the house,
Every nook, cranny, corner, no scraps for a mouse.
We have cooked tons of meals and store them to freeze,
We are re-learning manners like Thank you and Please.
We face time our family, we face time our friends,
We found out the yard needs updating again!
So we have tackled the house, the yard and now planting seeds,
Thrown out any junk and got rid of weeds.
And we also are finding together is kind of okay,
Now we wake up, drink coffee and say to each other hey!
The world in a spin and a virus locked us down but not out,
We have to endure it and try to work everything out.
But if blessings can come from this sad tragedy,
It is now we are family again, us, you and me.

Anxiety, CoronaV & Prayer & Yoga……

I am trying to be calm and smile at silly funny things and be positive amid all of the things going on. I am trying to find ways to bring Joy and still face reality. But so far, no Corona as far as I know at least. I go to my bathroom and do Yoga, I pray, and I am trying to calm my very active Anxiety. God be with us all and I am thankful for everything to help in these trying times and scary times. The upside? We are clearing our air a bit. Go out and breathe some in and get a shot of Sun if you can. Our Country is trying to unite for the most part. Small but beautiful blessings.

My cat is a Demon…. I am 100% convinced……

Her name is Pixie Dust. Solid black. Loves to be petted until you pet her and then she attacks. she bites me, scratches me and destroys my office. Shas chewed through my speakers, my pencil sharpener charger, my diffuser charger and she throws things and I mean throws things off of my shelves. Pixie takes her solid water bowls (I have switched four different ones) and she turns them over. The picture here is of her trying to jump up onto the top of the 55 gallon tank. (She did by the way).She then removes the rocks I put at the bottom to keep her from over turning them and I wake to water all over in the mornings. she is a mass of destruction. My hand is currently bleeding where she bit me as I petted her. Did she get advice from the neighbor dog on how to terrorize? hahahaha. I LOVE her dearly but my gosh, this cat is mean. Well, just a bit of humor for us today to try and ease the anxiety. But yes, the cat is real and she does do all of these things. I think the dog Lucifer is her brother from another mother. lol

FRUSTRATION!….. I am trying…. Between the Empath issue and anxiety, I am freaking here!… Yoga, do your thing..

I could crush skillets right now. I have done great. Cleaned, cleaned, cleaned, cooked, pre-froze meals, art, writing and etc but just in freak mode I guess. Anyone else???

When you have to just let go of toxic people. Life is hard enough with all that is going on……………………

It is hard enough being an Empath/ discerner who lives a different life from others so your senses are a lot keener. But especially now, along with having anxiety, I am going to have to let go toxic people and emotional vampires. I cannot deal with the constant comments that it is always me causing issues and I am just causing problems and I am just this and that while I am talked about and toxic people make me their dart board. Right now I am trying to focus my mind on anything positive and happy I can. Whether it be a flower that isn’t even supposed to be blooming yet, the normal of the Psych neighborhood dog or just smiles. Beautiful radiant smiles. But I have been pushed around and still tried to make peace and one person gets another and then another gets mad. I am not a stomping ground so sadly, when we should all be united, I am finding myself having to even distance from afar which I was already trying to do physically. But I have to kick in my survival instincts. Sorry so bum but I had to get it out. Hugs to all of you!