Why can’t I ever sell my art? ………….

I do all forms of art and I love painting, pen & Ink, Abstract, regular, I mean just all kinds. Graphic illustration where I turn people into fairies and switch pics over, pet memory graphics and everyone loves them but no one ever wants to buy them. DO any of my fellow writers, artist have any ideas? I have been on paid sites, free sites, you name it and still, nothing. Just thought I would ask. Have a great one!

Targeting Your Anxiety…. To a Point… And the use of Yoga…. Prayer…. Meditation and a lot of Smooth Breathing…..

I am learning some but not ALL of the things that target my Anxiety. I am trying to weed them out as much as I can as well as doing my Yoga, Prayer, Meditation and breathing techniques. I wish it was a cure all but it isn’t. as we all know, sometimes Anxiety just. hits. But I found out how to target SOME of the things that cause it. Like certain triggers, or situations or even people. So I always try to share in case it helps others with the same issue! Hey to my fellow writer friends and bloggers.