Is Anxiety worse at night for everyone…. or just me???…….

Why does anxiety seem to get worse at night. Or at least for me it does. It seems to kick into a higher gear as I go on through the evening. Is this just me? Does anyone else experience this? I have had this issue seem to increase in the last couple of years so I am just not sure. not a long blog but just a one born from over thinking. :).

Anxiety….Yoga…& Life…..

Yeah. it should be that simple. Get anxiety? Do some Yoga, meditation and just relax your mind. Booma. There you go. Situation controlled. I wish. YES, I love Yoga and YES, it does have awesome effects along with mediation, prayer and other things. BUT, it is not a cure all for me and I assume it is not meant to be. Or maybe my level is so high that it takes doing it several times a day of which I cannot do. I just wonder if it is just me or is everyone else cured by doing Yoga and other techniques? I am not. I wish it did and I wish I could say it does. I even use essential oils but for me, it persist. Not as heavy sometimes, always better when I am consistent but no it does ever go away for me. However, I am STILL blessed to have it to help and my other methods. so, for that, I am grateful.