Sometimes, just sometimes… I am so lost without you…………

Time has gone on and sometimes I am okay. Sometimes on your Angelversary, I am able to celebrate your life but this year I just feel alone and lost without you. I want you here with us again. I am emotional and crying. I look at your picture and I want you back. I want you to be here with us with your laughter and to see your nieces ( the picture above I combined to bring you two together in a way.)and to keep us laughing as you never failed to do. I know that life has brought beautiful things to me since you have been gone but I will NEVER get over losing you. I enjoy what I have in our family, I laugh, I do many things but on days like today, I just feel lost and I need your smile back here with us. I love you. Always.

Three Seasons…One Week… Georgia

Well actually two I guess. Fall and Spring are about the same. So in one week, wee have had 70 plus degree weather, snow and freezing temperatures, A flood with water so deep in places fish could have swam there and it would have been a good fishing spot. Then we have freezing temperatures and snow in some places. And of course we had one or two days in the 70’s. All in a week. Gotta love it. Oh well. Just a share of life in Ga. Have a great one!