Another thing for relaxing…Essential Oils… Yes. They work….

I always write about the things that help me with anxiety and I use them or do them at the times when I need them. Another benefit I have found has been essential oils. I use them quite often when I need relaxation. Many people use them from the bottle but I prefer to make a lotion of coconut oil that I melt and then add my essential oil. I melt the coconut oil and add my drops and stir. Then I freeze it back into a solid state and keep it in my bedroom. I use Lavender, Eucalyptus ( a blend of those two for calm) and there are many more than help to calm and relax. Or use them in your bath. Either way, I love them also and I find them very helpful. Have a great one everyone!:)

You CAN do Yoga & Meditation, be an Empath and still believe in God………..

Many people have asked me how I can do Yoga, meditation and Tai Chi and such and still believe in God. I am always stumped as to how they would think you can’t. Yes, I believe in God and I believe he gave us things like Yoga and meditation, Tai Chi and we can still believe. I can be an Empath, or as some Christians call it, having Discernment. I feel others pains, hurts, fears and anger. Yes I also pray. I believe these are gifts given to us to help along a journey that is often difficult, sad and painful but these bring us back into the Sun. I am also less judgmental, I have great compassion, I can understand the fear of Anxiety. These things help me to travel through it without going insane and to be able to find hope and strength.

Life on the Wild side…. of Panic….. And how Yoga helps to calm it……

Life on the wild side of panic…
A journey into a horror movie in your mind…
Trying to drag you into an dark hole where you feel you will fall….
You feel like you can never escape the trauma….
Where Yoga steps in and teaches you calm…..
Knowing that you can at least escape for a while….
That this will be the way back into the Sun….

The parakeets never had any more babies….. Follow up….

Well the parakeets, as some of you kept up with, have never had any more babies after the two they hatched. They have had many eggs but none have hatched. The time they did hatch, it was in the room in my loft and I had put a heater in there to keep it warmer. It may have been a default but I noticed the heater seemed to have issues shutting off and sometimes it would reach 80 degrees but the birds seem to love it. However, it usually stuck around 70 or less up there. I had to unplug the heater fearing it might over heat and kill them. Anyway, that MAY have been what made them hatch with the warmer conditions. So, I thought I would pass that along. Have a great one! 🙂