Essential Oils…… A gift from the Gardens…

I am not a real believer or I wasn’t in all of the “all natural” things you can use to get healthy and I also hate prescribed meds unless I have to take them. But then, after much prodding from a sister, I stepped into the Essential oil world a few years ago. It has been a game changer to say the least. There are so many things I have replaced even over the counter things with. I make my own pain relieving cream for back pain and body pain. I make my own for breathing and now I am trying out oils for relaxing and to help digestive. I am not saying anything is a cure all but they work as good as what I have bought over the counter and even some prescribed meds. So, just wanted to share this with all of you! Have a great one!

Lucifer (the dog) loves this weather. Because he can sneak around to frighten us…Not the real Lucifer, no one would be stupid enough to get that close for a picture….lol

Yes, we as a subdivision, live in fear of the Chihuahua you have heard me talk about before. Beloved Lucifer. (Just kidding. I cannot stand him and I LOVE animals, just not this one). He catches us off guard with his tiny self. Like, when it was raining so I walked without fear and my umbrella to check my mail. I mean, no one would come out in this weather with their dog plus most dogs hate the cold biting rain. I think anyway. Well. well. NOT Lucifer. I turn around and hear the dreaded snarling. I look and yes, there he is. Maybe furious his owner brought him out in her galoshes, raincoat and gear. Or maybe furious that he had to wear a dog raincoat. Either way he starts for me and breaks the leash from her hands. I am starting to think this may not be so accidental. Yes she is tiny but he is like 4 pounds. Come on. 4 pounds of Hell and fury but regardless. Soooo, here comes Lucifer and there I go. Running. To escape those tiny deadly fangs. I almost slip and he is gaining on me. BUT, Thank God, I make it to my door where his owner has not gotten to him and has control. Bless her heart. I cannot stand him but I guess I get a good lot of exercise with him around. soooo. lol. Life around Lucifer.

Back to Four Seasons in one week……

Gotta love it! 70 degrees one day, 30 the next, then raining so much thought I might have to build an Ark. Then another 70 degree weather day. Raining almost every day except the 70 degree days. Then freezing temperatures again. In seven days we have had Winter, Spring, Fall temps and the rain I included as Summer. lol .

Why can’t I ever sell my art? ………….

I do all forms of art and I love painting, pen & Ink, Abstract, regular, I mean just all kinds. Graphic illustration where I turn people into fairies and switch pics over, pet memory graphics and everyone loves them but no one ever wants to buy them. DO any of my fellow writers, artist have any ideas? I have been on paid sites, free sites, you name it and still, nothing. Just thought I would ask. Have a great one!

Targeting Your Anxiety…. To a Point… And the use of Yoga…. Prayer…. Meditation and a lot of Smooth Breathing…..

I am learning some but not ALL of the things that target my Anxiety. I am trying to weed them out as much as I can as well as doing my Yoga, Prayer, Meditation and breathing techniques. I wish it was a cure all but it isn’t. as we all know, sometimes Anxiety just. hits. But I found out how to target SOME of the things that cause it. Like certain triggers, or situations or even people. So I always try to share in case it helps others with the same issue! Hey to my fellow writer friends and bloggers.

When you are done….. Then Finally “really done”…….Empaths, Anxiety & People……..

How many times have I said, “You know, I am just so done with this but I ended going back to the same drama or abuse of trying to wear my down (People, not a man) And I seem to always end in an endless cycle. I have done that over and over and over. But the last few days, after so much arguing, and trying to avoid their passive/aggressive behavior or trying to belittle me or even just flat out verbally or mentally slap me in the face I am actually finally there.
I am not mad, hurt or lonely. I am just done with the way I have been treated and I am no longer going to deal with it. I will hopefully lesson my anxiety. I will hopefully be able to NOT let it affect me and that will bring more calm and a sense of peace. I hope anyone who is like me will, if you have not already, get to the point of actually being DONE.

I got through… Thank God… And thanks to you , fellow writers and bloggers for caring… Best place ever to write and have friends!…… Now a photo just for a Breather…

I got through but I am mentally wiped out so I am just posting photos today….

Just get through this day…. Just try and keep it together… Loss of a child…

Sometimes it hits hard, sometimes this day comes up and I get through it with celebrating your life but not this year. Damn it has hit hard. I just keep telling myself to just get through the day. I keep praying for it to ease up on this depression and anxiety. I keep trying to focus on anything to make it easier. But above all, I just keep trying to get through this day. Not think about the car crash that took you and your three friends. The fire of when the car blew up. I am so glad you had already passed before that happened. That would have been the worst if it could get any worse. I love you. Always. Love, Mom.

Is Anxiety worse at night for everyone…. or just me???…….

Why does anxiety seem to get worse at night. Or at least for me it does. It seems to kick into a higher gear as I go on through the evening. Is this just me? Does anyone else experience this? I have had this issue seem to increase in the last couple of years so I am just not sure. not a long blog but just a one born from over thinking. :).